FAQ's About Personal Injury Compensation Claims

I’m not a technology fan can I come and see you in person?
Certainly, our address is detailed on the contacts page. We do recommend you call and make an appointment first so you are not kept waiting. In addition we also operate a home visit service outside of usual office hours.
Do I have to come and see you in person?
No, Due to the technology employed by the firm we can normally deal with the claim entirely by telephone, e-mail and post. This allows us to deal with your claim in a prompt and professional manner.
Do I have to go to Court?
Most claims can be settled without need to actually go to court. There are of course exceptions to this but most insurance companies wish to try and settle claims out of court as this is quicker and is less expensive for them.
How much money will I get?
It is not possible to predict exactly what your claim is worth until we have properly considered your injuries and any associated losses like lost earnings. However a basic whiplash injury with full recovery within 12 months could be worth up to £2500 for the injury alone.
What is a “CFA”?
A Conditional Fee Agreement is an agreement between you and us under which you can pursue a compensation claim on a "no win - no fee" basis. We will only charge for the work we do if your claim is successful.
How much will it cost me?
No Win – No Fee If we do not win money for you, you do not pay for our work. This is subject to you entering into a “CFA” with our firm.
How long will it take to get some money?
A simple road traffic accident claim can often be sorted in around 6 months although each claim is different and some can take longer especially if there are complicating factors like extremely severe injuries.
Is my injury worth claiming for?
It depends on how bad your injury is but any injury with effects lasting more than a few weeks is defiantly worth having checked. You can also claim for associated losses like lost earnings.
My friend went to “Blaggers Direct Claims Management Company” why shouldn’t I?
Claims management companies are middle men. They are not able to actually handle your claim. They pass the claims to Solicitors firms. By using us you are dealing direct with a firm registered and regulated by the Law society who will deal with your claim professionally and promptly with no extra or hidden charges.